Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Joy of Photography

February has come to an end, yes 2 months almost over for 2019 and It has been a busy year for sure, as I prepare for another show, his time in Jamshedpur a city I grew up in, and started my photographic journey from this little town in 1989 as I got my first camera and send out images for exhibitions, juried salons, and sambalpur salon it was where my Image was accepted for the first time, and now 30 years later, as I worked my life as a professional photographer I look back at the amazing journey that been my life,

Come be a part of the workshop or come view the show that we are doing from 1-4th march 2019

This could be your golden chance to buy some artwork cheap or not you decide as you get your checkbook out

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Solitary at valentines


It is Valentines day, a day of quiet reflection , what do I really amount to, what do I really do about where I am, what and where do I go from here , #rajatghosh #editorialPhotographer #loveoflife #India, #travel #environmentalPhotographer #environmentalportrait #films #travelfilms #editorialphotographerindia #environmental portraits #environmentalportraitsbusiness #forbesasia #businessmagazinephotographer #birds #indianmigratorybirds #nevercompromise #captureone #farmer, foggymorning, #fog. Valentineday, #bemine #valentine #love

Friday, February 8, 2019

Your food

The early risers :)

Its always the crack of dawn when the cocks rise and wake the neibourhood, but when you are on the field and a farmer, one wakes up before the cocks do and start there day, the men work from before dawn and it is all for what ?

Grains of rice has been  threshed in the morning since 0300 hours, its 1400 hours and time to clean the grains , the rice is dropped on the earth , and bamboo sieves are used to blow air to clean the rice.  Its like a ballet, a dance as the men go around the grains and blow air to clean the rice , a simple and effective way to deal with the dust.