Sunday, April 28, 2019

8th One ride- First for me

One ride is a Motorbike ride that happens all across the country on 28th April it was expected that bikers across the country and the world would be riding there Bullet/ Enfield motorcycle all across the planet at the same time, this is the 8th year of the event, I was going to riding with Jodi riders and Royal Kings, two local motorcycle club.

RKMC and Jodi  Riders

The morning of 28April I was still in bed at 0430 hours and was daunting task to get up and be ready for the ride, I had returned from Kolkata the previous night and was late to hit the bed. So while rest of India slept (mostly) and knowing the day would be another typical summer day, what would make it a   tough day to ride, what with is temperatures in 37 – 43 degrees in the steel city of Jamshedpur, expected, I did manage to get ready.

Had I not gotten up on time, I knew from previous experience Raja the moderator of the club would call before the ride and coax me to come along anyway and Knowing me, I had no ability to say NO to a opportunity to ride my bike and travel on the lovely roads around Jamshedpur, with a mix of some dirt roads, Twisties, and some superb roads

The early birds

HAHAHA the joke is on me, I was at the start point at 0530 hours, odometer says: 13473
And what do you know only 3 of eventual 20 odd riders are at the start point, finally we did hit the road at 0630, No I was not upset just started to feel the heat at early morning hour gave me a taste of the day to follow, I used up some of the time waiting and getting a cup of tea, topping up the fuel in my bike which did not need refueling, but did so anyway.

todas agenda- vote, don't pass up, do vote

And then we hit the road, taking some shortcut through the city and often landing on dirt roads, which were a pleasure to negotiate and test ones riding skill, todays mission along with ONERIDE was to talk to folks along the way and talk about VOTING, to try and encourage folks to go out and vote, to be responsible and do there bit for voting, and for democracy after all there is no point in being sad about bad governance if we did not take part in the festival of democrazy, sorry meant democracy.
a road side meet with villagers

We had a few stops along the way, talking to villagers and folks on the way, about the importance of voting and why they should step out to vote,

creating awareness

As is a habit One could say, I did do a test ride of a KTM 390, but at end feel Enfield works best for me, so Not buying another bike, but staying put with the one I have currently, one of the reasons we ride is to test the new bikes that are available and we sometimes have a company come along and let us test ride a bike. often which is the final step for fence sitters who are undecided on if to sink in money on a new bike or ,,,
 trying out a different bike while on the ride.

Eventually we reached a place called Galuduh at a distance of: 60 odd km

Bikes get a rest

 And was at a resort in Galudih at 0855 hours, the sun was beating down on us, it sure felt like noon, we had a pleasurable and laid back breakfast, Menu Menu was Poori and Aloo Sabji and lamcha,

food for the hungry riders 

time to head back 

The journey back was a quick straight ride, though I did manage to stop at a small temple on the way which is located at such a location, one can only quickly pray and drive on, as it is right in the middle of the road (highway – 31) today being on a bike I was able to park and make a quick image of Ma kali, whose blessing always counts to keep us safe as we ride the country roads.

Ride ends at 1120 hours for me once home.

Thank you Royal kings motorcycle club  and jodi riders for having me along.

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