Friday, April 5, 2019

serails on TV, why they say about you as viewers

Sitting in Kolkata this week, trying to finish up some work, I took occasional breaks from work and switched on the telly.

There is a bunch of serials I watched this last week,
The historical serials were interesting, the serials where the current generation wrote, AH!  shows how brain dead the scriptwriters are, the lack of basic intelligence, Bengali serials I watched sitting with  and wondered who watches this , don't they realise the are being laughed at by the makers of such content. 
 How stupid are we, no wonder we have such political leaders who are leading us, the average Indian deserves shit and thats what they get.  How stupid the serial makers think viewers are? It is no wonder our country is in shambles and it will never improve if Indians watch such serials, which I am sure they do if the makers of the serials and the Channels are making such content.
 Bengal the land of intellectuals and where women are free, hard working, educated watch such stuff, How? Why?  How do the actors agree to such roles and scriptwriters this is what you come up with?

Time to stick to Nat Geo Wild, and get rid of the telly.

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