Saturday, July 26, 2014

A week in Ranchi breezes by

What a ride 3 hours on a country bus that rattles and a driver that believes in no stops for no one actually he is a truck driver, but he was driving a passenger bus on this day , as no other driver was available.

Learning was if there water on the windshield and you do not have a working wiper well then just rub some tobacco on the windshield and wash it off, n there will be no water sticking to the windshield, another hidden property that no one tells u growing up, a reason to have a stash of Khaini with oneself on a road trip .

At Ranchi, Kantatoli which is a bus stand am greeted by my dear pals husband and whisked off to there home to a wonderful breakfast and a good chat with her son revealed he is headed to new delhi for admission to NIFT, the school for fashion technology.

As we chat with my friend Seema's son, I keep hearing the name of TJ Natrajan, n on the 3rd coming up of his name, did venture to ask, who it was on whose recommendation he had applied to NIFT, n was told he is my friend TJ Natrajan, n they were told about him by me, and how I had put them in touch with him for there son’s future.

Wow so I acquired some good karma, how nice is I. 

Evening 4 30 and she was off to Delhi, leaving me with her husband and daughter, the lovely duo who made my days such a pleasure, while in Ranchi.

The 1st day of the workshop was a Monday and never realized when it was Friday and time to wind up the workshop.

In between met with a wonderful pal Smitha Gupta, from school, and even got invited to their house for a wonderful dinner, and a meet and greet with her family members, 3 wonderful kids,  and husband. 

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