Monday, March 13, 2023

Kolkata to Jamshedpur Offroading some bit too.




Kaziranga done and having recovered from 14 safari and leech bites I was ready to ride back to jamshedpur  I started at 0530 hours, yes it is early even by my standard and riding out was a pleasure, weather was good and I had fuelled up the previous night so dint think I would need to fuel till I reach Jamshedpur and it would let me know how much fuel I burn on a 300km run, typically on my motorbike.  



Every time I see a signage like this I am tempted to do a 24 hour run non stop, but No I resisted today too.


 I heaved a sight of relief as I crossed Lodhasuli, twice before I had been stuck here with traffic outage, agitation for certain demands.  The roads were empty and a pleasure to thunder down these roads.

As I neared jhargram I was looking forward to a good breakfast at Bllu da Dhaba a eatery that I have frequented in the past, and liked there paratha and quick service.




Suddenly I was aware of traffic being held up, on the empty roads that I had been riding on and where speed limit is 90 – 100kmph, it was a surprise and I presumed it was a accident maybe, soon the traffic build up was serious and then it was complete lanes blocked with small cars on shoulder of the highway, n OH NO, once more I was at a spot where the Tribal of West Bengal were blocking the road and the traffic build up was 10 km on both sides, it was a 12 hour agitation. thus all were stuck here.


Being on my motorbike I decided to try off-roading and even though I had quiet a bit of luggage (I am returning from Kaziranga and have my photography gear with me) 



I went off road for 3 km till I spied a village and tried to ride parallel to the highway for a good 7 km, asking for directions from villagers the old fashioned way, and ya Google too did provide good assistance, it was quiet a adventure doing this trail and I managed to get back on the highway finally having crossed the blockage point, if I was in a car it would have been impossible to negotiate this path. Another 2 km down the highway and once more there was a blockade, but some villagers had already found a way around and I just followed them and managed to lose only 45 minutes as I went on ,,,


Thankfully I could go on and was feeling bad for the people who were stuck here on the road, I presumed it would be a good 9 hours wait for most folks who were stuck in there cars, many I was sure would have there family along with, and possibly not enough food and water along with





I was at Bullu da Dhaba soon and hungry enough to eat all that they cook up. As I had breakfast and looking back at what I had just undergone, I am thinking I think I need to do the Jamshedpur Kolkata run on dirt bikes from here on, as the bandh on the border has become a very common affair and travellers be warned, best to take the train or flight (even better) if coming from Ranchi or Jamshedpur to Kolkata.



I made sure I did not miss out on the lovely sights along the way even though it was getting quiet warm, 33 degrees after all flame of the forests comes along once a year.

Home sweet home by 12 ish , this trip was 6 hours long today and my bike had guzzled Nine liters fuel. 



© Rajat Ghosh, available as stock image/footage

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