Monday, June 3, 2013

Karma Speak

28 Photographers, photojournalists just lost their jobs, it does not affect me, and it affects every one of us on this planet.  When such a step happens for the reasons of commerce alone, it harms all.

Today People think everything is automated, earlier one knew what work went into making a photograph.   Today it is believed the photographs happen because of the camera not because of the photographer
And thus we see things like the link below show

The journalist can use the iPhone and make the image, we will see?

While in India:

 The top editorial group of Forbes India too was dumped.

When there happen it makes one wonder
Is it karma speak?

These move could be because the senior editors and photo editors and those in power lost out on the journalistic ideology to align themself with money, losing out there integrity.  OR this is the push they needed to go beyond themselves to a better tomorrow.

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