Thursday, April 14, 2011


a Lovely poem by a friend

Sitting on my swing memories rush back…
and i remember
all those friends who loved me without being judgmental,
all those people who understood me without me telling them stuff,
all those friends whom I connected to instantly,
all the friends who stuck to me all along the way,
and all the friends whom I don’t speak to anymore,
all those acquaintances that I hardly spoke to,
all those people whom I loved but never fought for,
all those secret crushes who never knew I liked them,
all the mean & rude classmates for teaching me that life can get rough and all the people whom I don’t talk to often & yet I know when I’ll call they’ll be around… It’s all these people & more whom I owe - a big thank you for what I am
- By stui shah

n yes this day is when she ( dont ask who ) messaged me :)
after a year

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