Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rakesh Pandey a Cheat, Ph No:9324950979

I sit here trying to make a call to a number where no one answers.

5 months back I came across a labor named Rakesh pandey from utter Pradesh working in Mumbai. I saw him crying on the phone as the person on the other side of the phone was abusing him, and threatening him.

I asked him what had happened, and he told me this sob story:

His wife had cancer (did she really exist), she died, and he spends all his money on her medical and had to borrow money for her last rights.

The money lender (bad man) was threatening to come home and beat him and his children. (He obviously had not paid back the money- red flag) I chose to believe him and gave him the INR 20 000 or us$ 500 approx that he owed the moneylender.

I dint ask for any collateral to make him hold good on his promise. He promised to pay the entire amount within a few months.

Well I have not heard from him since, he does not answer is phone if I call from my Phone (the no’s I presume he recognizes) as he takes call if I call from PCO’s

I am left fuming at my stupidity. Today I believe if the moneylender was going to deliver on his threats, that Was rakesh Pandey’s karma. I TRIED TO PLAY GOD BY HELPING.

He is from Utter Pradesh, a state that enjoys the label of people being untrustworthy, cheats, deceitful, liars, shrewd, cunning ... Are these labels correct?

If it is a person born in Utter Pradesh does his surrounding make him all this ?

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