Friday, April 27, 2012

The language of film making -4

what is going on with the migration ?

The human mind can create more fear then what you can show.

Orson welles –

1935 – radio and stage with federal theater project

Founded mercury theater group

Read theater on radio, Mercury Theater on radio reenacted war and mars attack on air.  Making it very believable.

On radio -- war of the worlds.

Combined different styles in his work

The storytelling process is in the hands of powerful external narrators

1941 – citizen Kane

1942 - Magnificent Amberson

It’s all true

1948 – the lady from shanghai

1948 - Macbeth

1952 – Othello
 Mostly shot the movie, shot reverse shot in absence of both actors together

1955 – Don Quixote

1958 – Touch of evil

1962- The Trail

1966 – Chimes at Midnight

1968 – Immortal Story
Merchant of Venice

1970 – 76 – The other side of the wind
1975 – F for fake

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth


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