Thursday, July 26, 2012

line production details - about life in Hollywood


1. If scene is day/ n1ght

Also always keep days together, and nights together.

2. Location

3. Cast avability

The above 3 are the most important to keep in mind.

The other consideration s is:

4. Covered set – so in case of rain shoot can continue

5. Set VS Location while on set, Transport can be released

6. Continuity - its nice to be able to shoot in continuity


W work

H hold

S start

D drop

P pickup

F finish

R reherse

T travel

Every character has an S and an F.

If talent is needed more then 3 days keep them on weekly

Else hire talent on daily.

If talent has 10 days off between 2 shoot dates, do a drop and pick up, it is permissible only once.

Final week of shoot is prorated for talent, else you pay talent even for hold dates

You can drop a daily talent, but a weekly talent cant be dropped.

When shooting out of town an actors time is clocked from the time they are picked up in the hotel lobby to till they are dropped back , but for a local talent , the hours start when they appear on set, till they are asked to pack up.

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