Friday, October 9, 2015

Approaching Leh

Cruising at 40 000 feet, n a sleepy morning it was, dressed in warm clothes (or so I thought, suddenly all changed outside, it was a vie that I have to look at again, and all sleep was gone from anywhere that it existed

Think the first glimpse of snow has that feeling of awesomeness, especially when one is in the plane, cocooned by the warmth of the pressurized cabin, n look out of the window, pretty girls on one shoulders as they try to take pictures

Quickly the scene changes to this amazing landscape outside, n makes one look and look and look at the wonder of nature n what it created, the patterns, and the shapes and the formations ,,,

n then there I was in Leh, along with my sister at our base camp for next 7 days 

and I was introduced to the wonderful hospitality of the indian Army.

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