Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kala Ghoda 2016

 the roads on 6th Feb, 

the calm  the quiet the lonely roads were waiting to come alive.

the Installations were getting assembled, the night was young

the work force and muscles flexed 

things started to fall in place.

Kala Ghoda festival they say it brought in One million people people for 600 events, for free
The biggest free festival in the world
And the biggest festival in Asia

Hats off to those who make it happen

Oh Ya I too taught a 4 hours workshop, the longest workshop at the festival  on Photography and film making.

n then the party started
  everybody is a musician , n the bad and the good together make it a lovely night 

Aushman Khuranna performing, the chandigarh man at his best keeps the crowds going 

it was a night with glitter and glam 

like all good things the show came to a end 

n time to relax and wait for the event next year 

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  1. Nice!!!!! Katrina's eyes are closed :-p :-)