Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A new business practice

The tour Operator

The scheme is :

Book traveller's looking for a cheap trip, with sugar coated words, and once advance is collected starts to incite and fight with participants till they decide against going with the organizer, a neat profit earned by doing nothing, Deepak Verma from Lucknow is the 420 in this case , his trips : 

Beware should you get trapped with this Deepak varma, a Lucknow resident, by profession a teacher (I wonder what he specializes in – Cheating and dishonesty, I guess)

ph no: 8299127327
Running trips to LAdakh

And for those who are brave (stupid) enough to go on the trip with him, have to shell out more money every day, for services he promised
, He even makes the participants pay for one another meals, and they refuse to reimburse saying, well why did they pay?  Decency what’s that he asks, HONOR? In Vogue is being SLY not honorable

Most days he will disappear so he is not answerable for anything, and if he is found, his room is locked with him hiding inside. 

The sleazy Deepak Varma 

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