Monday, September 11, 2017

Nature in Arizona in play

The roads are calling ...

The Dam

Yup this is where one can start floating on a piece of foam, also called raft colored bright blue, it makes for good visibility I say, no matter how ugly in looks in the greater scheme of things

it is an 3 hour boat ride we indulged ourself, looking on the face os the canyon, wondering what it would be like if we were to walk this path, yes it would be a long walk, but a fun walk n if it has some cloud cover not that bd, mostly we are so used to comfort this would make for some good walking I say

As we looked and looked 
And imagined different character on the side 

Of the canyon wall they did seem to come alive.

I see a girl on the swing do you ?

And here is proof the indians were artists, who were at it on the canyon walls, before it got banned to wring on rocks ( can't blame - we can only seem to write our names or our crushes names on walls ) 

sa we floated down the canyon we spied some people on the top , do u see them , now u know how difficult it would be to see your enemy if they were on top of the canyon 

we sailed on and the view from top is :

The Horse shoe bend canyon 

the photographer was probably at :

yup the tiny one at top :) 

 Looking at all of this, how can one not wonder what is 

The power If there is a super power surely this is the one  .

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