Monday, December 11, 2017

To sela pass and Back


Towards sell pass at 15800 feet

While we know the guys from Koderma and RKMC and Patna are attempting Tawang, since I had already made it to Tawang a few months back, I was not too keen to do it again,
maybe this is why 
Dirt roads towards Sela

 but the call of the mountain is hard to resist and as I connected with a rider from Delhi royal beasters, Nikhil who happened to be in Tawang  we decided OK lets meet at Sela pass, at a height of 15800 feet and then head back towards kaziranga.
Apu Kittan and his Bike

The date was 5th November, and We started from Bomdilla, odometer 2526, we gassed up and we were off, reached Dirang at 0830 and had breakfast, 15 minutes later we were off towards Sela,
Girls enroute to sela

Curved and steep

The road was picturesque as were the girls beautiful and friendly, happy to pose for us as we popped a few images with them and of them, along the way to Sela, the curved roads a pleasure to ride on and breathtaking view on both sides as we climbed quickly
5 KM to Sela

 we had encountered start of snow on the way making us put on our raincoat, the benefit was we were nice and warm the raincoat was great windbreaker too

Nikhil and me

 we reached at 1145 and
Odometer read 3637 at SELA and sure enough Nikhil showed up riding from Tawang and we met for the first time, we would go on to ride for 5 days till Passighat together

at Sela

A few cups of coffee at -5degrees at the BRO cafĂ© and bonding over stories of how the RKMC guys were robbed a few km ahead of Sela of there lights  and some gear, and we thought there were no bad elements in the mountains ( sad but true robbers exists everywhere)  
Nikhil, Rajat , Apu 

we started out descent back towards Dirang

Me at a Prayer station

We stopped along the way at a war memorial and offered our players to the war heroes and headed back to Dirang for the night  we were back by 1600 hours , and ODO was at:  3706

Dirang night SKY

to be cont ...