Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy Holi

Most vibrant and colorful Festival of India is waiting for you to come and play HOLI with Brijwasi’s at Varanasi.
It’s a land of Vraj (Krishna), where he was born and performed many miracles. And Holi is the most favorite festival of Krishna. You can play Holi this year at Mathura  - Gokul – Vrindavan – Barsana and at Nandgaon too.
Mathura, where he was born.
Gokul, where he grew up with beloved Yashoda maaiya and Nanda.
Vrindavan, is the place where Makhanchor spent his most of the childhood loving and being loved by Radha and Gopis.
Govardhan, the hill Kanha lifted on his little finger for seven days to save Brijwasi’s.
Barsana, is where Radha belongs from.
Nandgaon, close to Barsana is Nanda’s village.
It’s a month long event ends with the grand Mathura Holi celebration. It is celebrated all around the Brij Bhoomi. HOLI is one of the most spectacular event celebrated in India.
Barsana Holi is called as Lathmaar Holi ( Holi in which people hit with stick) as well. This takes place a week before the actual Holi. According to the Legends, Krishna visited Barsana with his friends, to play Holi with beloved Radha. They teased her and her friends, so the women of Barsana chased them away. And that became the ritual. So every year men from Nandgaon comes to Barsana to play Holi with Barsana women, and women greet them by sticks (Lathi). Women beat them by Lathis and men protect themselves as much as they can. They all come all prepared for it, with a padded shield to counter the attack. At the end unlucky once are captured by the women and then they make the men wear female clothing and dance in public, thus the whole event is called as “Lathmaar Holi”
Be the witness of this spectacular event and enjoy your Holi

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