Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Valley Of Flowers

Today finally we will be heading to the actual Valley of Flowers, from Ghagharia it is a 3 Km trek (groan) to the start of the valley, entrance fee is Approx. 150 for Indians and Rs 600 for foreigners, and today is again a damp day, some rain and low clouds on the horizon, we got our self a packed lunch, a pack of Biscuits, a bar of chocolate and some fried rice, we are off at 0700 hours, we have the whole day to trek to the valley and then another few hours t explore, we are informed we can stay back at the valley ,  we would have to start on the return journey by 1430 hours

Ronny, Cristine, Me ( Two others walked ahead) 

As we start we realize it is again a steep trek with a good 60 degree incline trek, it was going to be a messy day ahead, I took shelter behind a little tin hut and took off my warm clothes, I was already sweating and we had walked maybe 500 meters, it was approx. 10 degrees, but I had worked out a sweat quick and I knew the raincoat would be a much needed piece of garb I would be having all day long.. We had a few stream crossings and water crossings fresh water from the glaciers flowing below us as we crossed the streams on rickety tin bridges

The field of flowers

Water Crossing

But finally we did reach the flowers, we did reach the valley of flowers with an area of 84 square km we could only explore a few Km, it is a place that needs to be visited over a period f time, and time spend there to see the different flowers, I am ready to visit this place again next year and see flowers that would not be in bloom this year, Why are they not in bloom you ask?
Well the flowers bloom and often have a 10 – 15 days period before they make way for other flowers to bloom, so visit to the valley over a few years at interval of 2 weeks is needed to see it all.

As we walked suddenly they were all around us, and they were of different types, sizes and shapes, some we had seen , some we had not before, it was a amazing sight

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Yes curiosity got the cat , and a visit to the local video store will help you identify some of the flowers that grow in the valley.
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Many a merry traveller will make make for lovely images as you walk along the path, we spend a few hours taking in the scenes 

My Friends Ronald D' Costa and Cristina 

Enroute to the Valley

and the flowers 

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The flowers are such because they want to attract the insects for pollination purpose it is all about propagating life. All of this beauty just so creation can go on, just so the insects are here to help carry on with life.
Bees Pollinating

Bees in Action

Even for people who are not able to make the trek they too can enjoy the sight thanks to Pittu it is a basket that one sits in and the locals can carry about 100 kg on there back on this steep climb, for approx. Rs 1800.00

Every amazing day does need to turn around and one needs to head back to base, come 1430 hours its time to start back home 
Heading back to base 

Take your time walking back, there is a guard at the entrance who checks out the name of all the visitors who had gone in for the day, the temperatures so drop quiet a bit at night, and is more like 9 degrees at night

VOF done now it would be about heading back the next day to Ghagaria and back to the world we came from.

Start Back

The return journey via mule was a different experience and quiet a walk, I would much rather do the walk then the mule but then had already paid for the Mule so here we are moving back to Govindghat on the Mule

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