Monday, January 14, 2019

A trip to elevated souls of Gangasagar

Started the day at 0430 hours n was not too well on 12th January, They say Goddess Ganges has to call you to be able to visit the Sagar on 14th January maybe I was not going to be lucky this year either, so here I was I   cancelled the trip, but the photography bug kept biting me, n I was off at 1600 hours for Kolkata, 250 km away,

Reached an hour late to my home in Kolkata and next day morning with medicine for fever stuffed in me, I was off on 13th morning a 3 hours train ride, followed by 2 hours boat ride across sunder bans, I was at Gangasagar

I was one of the 5,00,000 ( five lacks )  that reached the site that day and 14th was amazing , had a great time photographing at the Ganjes
And it was an amazing site, yes it was lovely to see some amazing folks, and what was so amazing is none of the people seemed stressed at the Confluence of Ganges and Indian Ocean,  

Another interesting factor was, most seemed to be poor people who were at the Sagar, all happy and laughing and living in the moment, maybe I met five people who were affluent, the rest all patient and amiable, how very amazing and makes one wonder the relationship with money and moksha

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