Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 9, I think

The flowers are still blooming
The Poojas still happening
Our faith is still strong
Nature is reclaiming what it needs

Time to shape up Humans,,, YOU ARE THE ONLY ANOMOLY

All you are is just a SHADOW of who you are.

Happy Poila Boisakh...
The Hibiscus,
the yellow Oleanders 
neatly arranged in the copper vessel
placed on a black and ochre plinth
two shoots of pink and white blossoms
positioned nearby
a bespectacled obscure shadow
of an inconspicuous man
against a mossy, rusty, pale yellow wall
with fine cracks visible to the naked eye
is inconsequential, irrelevant and meaningless
to a mundane being.
The lens man capture of -
the flowers for offering
the silent prayer
pure, flawless and flowing with innocence
has reached GOD
with grace and blessings
bestowed with the communion.
@ Abha Vishwakarma

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