Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Day 551 since lockdown, 1 image a day continues, Sept 30th 2021 After returning from Chilika to Puri, we took a break for a day buy some gifts & then it was time to return back home and REFLECT on the trip, return trips always seem to go faster we were returning a good 450 km, and Google claimed it would be a 9 hour trip, we chose the longest route back, more so based on calls to a few friends as there were 3 roads to choose from, Google suggested we take the shortest but then me being me, chose the longest.
We came across a few nice patches of Kaash flower along the way and plenty of cows resting on the highway, Not sure why they choose to chill on the highway but then they seem to enjoy the smooth roads. We had started out at 0700 hours and were home by 1500 hours , with 2 stops, One for fuel and
one for food at “Sandhu Billu da dhaba” 70 km from Jamshedpur approx..
Route on return was Puri–Bhubaneshwar–Cuttack-Jajpur-Balasaore-Biripada-Ghatsila-Jamshedpur Approx. 470km, time taken 8 hours Toll Rs 375 Road condition, 80 % good, 20 % diversion and bad

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