Thursday, June 8, 2023

Shantiniketan to Kol, On way back.





What a wonderfull start to the day, all the sisters and family hanging out in the balcony having tea together, it is early enough temp still ok  to be outdoor, balcony with broken bench time it is ,,,


  after this we will have to scoot indoors and leave by 0930 hours post breakfast, yesterday I did not get my breakfast hopefully today I will have better luck.


The breakfast was passable, the sausage was weird as was the baked beans, so a few piece of toast and eggs it was today and mango.



An hour later we were on our way back to kolkata, the jungle outside the city was interesting and we spend some time there taking in the sight and flying a drone and generally goofing around before we boarded the car and was headed back to Kolkata, 

ETA was t be back by 1500 hours, which meant we would be stopping for lunch en route.



We crossed a place called Shaktigarh, which is famous for Langcha which is a kind of sweet, made of condensed milk, chana( a style of cheese made from cows or buffalo milk),  and seeing so many shops selling the same sweet we stopped to have a taste,


 Langcha is made from chana and milk powder by frying it and dipping it in sugar syrup for long time, it originated in Burdwanwan and we were in Budhwan. The home of Langcha. It was too sweet for me and I could have only One before I called it quits. Neither did it taste as amazing as I was hoping it would...



Final stop for the day was at Hotel Nobanno, which was very crowded and a huge setup, airconditioned dhaba has never really worked for me, takes away from the ambiance of the dhaba and gives them license to serve crappy food, knowing the people who comes here are passing tourists and dont really matter, they will not be held accountable,  never gonna ask for service to begin with unlike truck drivers who pay well but actually demand service, the food was not very well cooked, the chicken had no salt the fish not very fresh , a place well worth a miss I would say.

Not too long before we reach back with some wonderfull memory of the trip all said and done.

summing up the trip

Shantiniketan- hotel AMOLI homestay/hotel  a commercial enterprise was a disaster as a hotel.

inspite of being super expensive.


Shaktigarh- Langcha was not upto the mark.


Hotel Nobanno- dhaba on highway, bad food to say the least.


What we enjoyed was Jungles, food at small food joints, friends and there hosting skills, time spend among our own self

Stuff that don’t cost the earth and sky was most enjoyable. And relaxing

©  Rajat Ghosh, stock footage / pictures available for licensing.


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