Monday, January 29, 2018

Maha RM - Maha Diary - vol1

Bikes at the Venue

IT IS ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO HEAD OUT FOR A trip on two wheels, more so when headed to RM(riders mania), and this year it is being hosted by Inddie thumpers, a group that I ride with and know almost all the guys n gals an opportunity to meet my friends, and riders form pan India be it chennai (mad bulls) or Arunachal (tanung) or Sikkim, or Rkmc guys, the list could go on,

I reached Mumbai a few days early to get some official work completed  and there is a party happening another guys biting the bullet

Biting the Bullet

While I borrow a bullet ( the bike from)  my good friend Punit Tripathy, his starship with me, I am ready to pack up and leave for Bhor.

The venue a resort at Bhor is 200KM off Mumbai and barring traffic we should make it in 4 – 5 hours

But on the way I decide to meet some pals, and thus I head out 2 days early to Pune and meet with pals before I carry on to Bhor.

But before I leave I get a invite from pal of mine who is tying the knot too, another one biting the bullet, another wicket down, if you know what I mean, well I am off to ride my  bullet (the bike)

Amit Ashar and his new Bride

Come 26th morning my hosts in Mumbai see me off at 0600 hours

Ranesh and Ranadeb Ray seeing me off

 and am off to the event finally, am excited to be on the way, n I take my first stop at panel, to fuel up, deed done as I get ready to leave I am pleasantly surprised to see a couple of riders from Mumbai headed to the event, how nice a surprise I will be having company as I start out from Mumbai
Rahul , Apu Kuttan ( we did 2017 Nerm together) Tawang Diary and me

soon some more riders were there, the numbers growing and soon  we were ready to head out for Bhor, its showtime almost 

The guys ready to head out ,,, on 26th

At pune I stayed back to hang with a few pals for an day before I head to Bhor while the others continued to prepare to make the event a great sucess( as it would turn out)

Paper, playing and feeding dogs done, time to feed myself , I never seem to get enough of Missal pav, just love it, you got to try it to know what I am talking about 

Missal Pav

The following day early morning (not too early, I was on my way and reached the location without too much hassles, yes there was lots of traffic making it slow going, but then Roads choked with cars are no trouble for Motorbikes and I was at the mantra venue in 2 hours time

Another 7 KM of Picteresque roads 

and a few twists and turns is all that stood between the rider and the venue which will be home for the next 3 days, The road on this stretch was interesting and tricky to navigate, it reminded me of the roads we rode on reroute to Tawang, except there this stretch was 80 km at a time, as opposed to 3 km out here

Loose gravel on road

and now to work to make the event a great success.

Bikes at the Venue

to be cont ...

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