Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Maha RM - vol 2

The day of the Official opening of RM ,We were up early morning to welcome riders to the grand event, and to make sure all is in order,

Started the day with predawn preparation happening the sky just turning pink , in preparation of the sun popping up

The lake at Bhor, in view as it too turned red and pink as the sky changed colors, it was an inspiring start to the day 

Early morning post tea we were all at the stations assigned to us, I was heping somewhat with the BYOT arena, and already 500 + riders had come in, we had our share of visitors already at the venue as we hung out and chitchatted and caught up with friends

At the event there are amazing bikes that has been repainted and modified and changed to showcase the skills of the bikers and showcase there passion, regarding there bikes, there creativity at a all time high these are all Bullets ( royal Enfield) bikes  that has been modified

And the men were interesting to look at too :

An event happens based on how the volunteers work towards things, and here you see the folks zooming around and making sure things are smooth over the next few days

The event is more about brotherhood and acceptance of oneself as a rider

It is about being with friends and being greeted and loved by ones extended family,

And you well know when things heat up it is beer that can cool things down, yes crates of beer that too and truckloads of it.

spirits of clubs were very high as they reach the arena and showcase themselves as they rev the bikes and meet there pals and pose for the media

They came in doves, some clubs had 60  to 100 members riding in togather it was a spectacle that is so grand and humbling at the same time it is just amazinf to have 2000 riders assemble and have a grand time, as the dust settles

and folks done with there show of
masculinity and feminity head to the living quarters

the BYOT arena is a specil place wehre we live in tents and enjoy the nature of outdoor living to the fulest , n at this event mattress was provided eben for tents , making the stay very very comfortable

it is not a boys only event, n it has its own sprinkling of lovely ladies

 who were there shoulder to shoulder with the men folks

as the day rolls on, the party  opens up
the ladies get ready for a game of Tug of war : n yes a drink before the tug is sure helpful

the results matter not as mch as the spirit of the brothergood that exists at the event

the bears of the men too are no less and indulge in tyre throwing as a sport and no its not just the men, but the ladies too who are no less and once again showed there mettle with the tyres

the swag factor is very high at the event

and the innovation factor is no less

Lets not forget the formal opening drum beats that played out the maharastrian drum style is just so intoxicating and invigorating, once again the females belt it out as well as the men or better , loved it  

the sky turned colorfull as the frenzy of drums ramped it up a grand opening opening indeed,

MAHARM IS OFFICALLY ON AND THE HOST CLUB IS indie thumpers  started off on a grand note

 the smile says it all

the grand prize was :

and it is a raffle that descided it, guess what
I bought a raflfle tkt too, and the winning no was 1550, guess what Mine tkt no was ?
1558, how ironic is it?
Darn I missed it
I stared at the tkt long and hard after the number was announced but the no did not change to the winnng no,
It just stayed the same.
To drown my sorry it was time to hit the dance floor

A new day, the last day of the RM as a full day,  it saw races  on dirt track, some just participated to be ithe races and enjoy and test themselves, n some to win

and then there were the flat out races for speed, an event that was flagged off by narain Kartiken, the F1 driver

I am always curious what do people do with all the footage of there GOPRO, it is so much data, that gets recorded then stays in highdrive or ,,,   would love to see some info on this for sure,

eventually the same routine of party and hanging out followed and good conversation and dancing, the biker zone where guys and girls are equal in all ways and with equal right to be themself

 The story continues ...

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