Sunday, June 2, 2019

Yet to reach Siberia, but out of India

Kolkata Airport

Spend few hours getting my luggage to right weight and  Followed that with my cabin bags in right weight category, took a few phone calls too to know where I could get some help from

Allowed weight is 23 kg
At airport got my export cent n once I was done with immigration n security check done

I realized I was holding on to passport n visa of a MR banal flying business class to UK 

A crazy 5 min searches later we found the other n all l is well as we exchanged our passport and prepared to fly out for our own destination.

So we took off 30 minutes late for bangcock on 28th may, n suddenly I woke up to realize flight was ready to land in 15 min n it was only 245.

Took me a few minutes to factor time change n realize it was 430 Bangkok time,   

So yes took my time getting off the plane n was a good another 45 min before I reached visa on arrival counters n was an 2 hr. wait to get my visa , lots of grumbling people, on free visa line that I populated , for 200 bhat one could get expedited service, I had time to kill so just took it easy , n enjoyed the folks n there convinced around me. Mostly family with vacation plans in Thailand.

Bangkok Airport
 Almost 0800  before I had cleared immigration n headed for breakfast at food court,
Lots of options to eat and all looked good, what with having a stomach infection a few days back I took the high road and

I took chicken and rice, as safe as can be. How boring you say, I agree  and passed on all the pork & soupls & what else have you.  & then followed it up with a long nap,  what with having woken up rather stayed up most part  of night 

It was a good 3 hours sleep while seated, should have made it 4 hrs but then am forever early in check-in so at departure terminal on 4 th floor, way too early n sitting here for another 75 minutes ,

Finally my flight to Irkutz was announced.

Ready for 8 hours on a plane again

It was only 1500 hours and I was at the gate, so I figured I better get some food, and proceeded to a restaurant in the transit lounge, for prices here are 3 times that of Food court and you get more variety in the food court

Pork Shoulders and neck

Finally the Green bird arrived a lovely Green plane that would fly us to Irkutz, gateway to Siberia for me,


I had a aisle seat, but someone who was also on the same row a me wanted to exchange seat and I ended up having a window seat, which meant I would keep clicking images and having a great time and to top it, it was a almost business, 3rd row seat so extra legroom too

View from Flight

On the way to IrkutZ still

From the air

I was to reach at 0005 on 29th , that’s when my visa validity too starts , looking forward to the flight being on time, but not beforetime

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