Saturday, March 27, 2021

Jamshedpur to Dawapani- Part 1

Pabelites have made plans for a trip to Darjeeling and a few villages around for s photography outing, I waited till the last minute to decide if I too can make it? 10th march, I speak to a few members who do ask me to come on the photography trip, any excuse to ride my bike and summer is approaching, maybe this will be my last trip on bike before summer comes along. Mukta too wants to go on the trip but train tickets aren’t there, so
Mr. chivalry jumps in & on 12th I head to Kolkata, we are goanna head to Dawaipani along with the “Photography association of belghoria “ gang. As usual morning of 12th I wonder is it too much work to be riding 2000 km over the next few days going, why oh why, n if it was just me,
I might have bailed, but knowing muktas trip hung in balance, I started out 0610 hrs. On 12th I left for Kolkata, 6 hrs. Ride approx., I had asked Mukta for a bowl of thhupa as my prize for taking her on the trip.
I have always ridden solo to the hills this time I would be riding with a pillion a new experience, I was thinking to add a bigger top box, to accommodate more luggage, as I would have a pillion, but then weight considerations made me decide otherwise, and we were going to start out for Raigung, 400 km ride the next day, Mukta she had never ridden long distance, I had her invest a few G;s on riding jacket, shoes, riding gloves, knee guard and more in eventuality of a crash Once in kolkata a quick chat with Tarun da, another rider who rides with his daughter allayed my fears of the bike getting back heavy n I just chilled in kol #backtonewnormalseries #canonindiaofficial #edenonearth #coexistance #darjeeling #kolkata #earlymorning #relationships #instamood #bestoftheday #editorialphotography #rajatghoshphotography #rajatghoshfilm #editorialphotographer #biketaleswithrajat #india #wisdom #love #Pure #environmentalportraits #pabel #Naturephotography #RoyalEnfiled #balance #poise #moods

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