Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In Tumbling we arrive, part 3 of 6

Yes dawapani is 15 km from Darjeeling, a small village with a view of Mt kanchanjunga, above is the image we had seen while planning the trip here, 980 km from Home
This Morning was a washout, no view of Kanchenjunga as yuou can see what we saw, oh well the glory of being in the hills
and I spend the early morning with cups of tea and #Achal_pakhrin, the girl of the house who is a avid singer, and a great presence in instagram, loved her energy,
slowly all woke up and we did a few images on the front lawn of our wonderful host who was patient with us and let us Photograph him in various avatars,
Followed by breakfast of vegetable momos which were just amazing
And a walk into the park for a few Km, not much but still helps digest food and warms us up with our photography
Today we would be headed for Tumbling 3000 meters approx. date was 16th march today and we set off by 1030 hrs. 30 odd km to Manyabhanj, and then I was told I could not take my bike any further on road towards Tumbling, Seems few bikers had come to this national park, misbehaved with nature, destroyed rhododendron trees, played loud music, and more and thus bikes had been banned, (needless to say the forest authorities don’t own up to the fact they failed on there job to protect the park, but banning is easy then actually working, if only the DFO had the guts to say they woudl make sure such actions will not be repeated and they woudl educate bikers before they head out into the park,,, but then such officers are non existant seems like,,, so there we are)
As Bikes had been banned to Sandakfu, and we would have to rent a jeep, well I was forced to park my bike at our guide shyams house for the next 3 days.
Rented 2 4x4 n we drove to tumbling, where we would stay 3 days these land rovers are only a shell, they have the bolero engine inside and yes they are 4 * 4 En-route we stopped at Chitre as the fog rolled in and we had a lovely photo opportunity and took 30 minutes to acclimatize and enjoy being in nature
We were at Tumbling by 1600 hours and stomach was growling for some food, the town had 5 houses all home stay, on the border of India and Nepal, depending on which entrance one used one could be stepping into Nepal or India
Soon evening descended it gets dark by 1730 hours and By was it cold, the temperature quickly sank to -1 we froze but lived to see another day.
Next day wake up time was 0500 hours We were hoping to see Kanchenjunga , (sleeping Buddha) Sunrise time is 0540 hrs Dinner was served by 1930 hrs n we retired early. #kanchanjunga #backtonewnormalseries #canonindiaofficial #edenonearth #tumbling #roadtrip #earlymorning #relationships #instamood #bestoftheday #editorialphotography #rajatghoshphotography #rajatghoshfilm #editorialphotographer #biketaleswithrajat #india #wisdom #love #Pure #environmentalportraits #photographytrip #RoyalEnfiled #balance #poise #moods #chitre

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