Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dhotrey today

19th well we did get to see Mt. K The early morning Red top of the mountain was was visible for 30 seconds , n my camera developed a attitude, i was forced to shoot with a wide lens( for the better)
Mukta claimed she had been to the Himalayas for the last 20yrs before she saw the sleeping buddha this day. What tenacity i say, while this was supposed to be one of the high points of this trip, I was quiet satisfied with the work I had been doing in the nights with the Moon , and was ready to leave this day for Dhotrey, I was missing my Motorbike and wanted to ride, we left at 1030 hrs for Dhotre, Shyam our guide was on time, we were not
We stopped on the way for a few pictures
and I finally was back on my bike and enjoyed the ride to Dhotrey with Mukta still being my Pillion.( this was the last stretch I would have a pillion, after this it was solo all the way back for 1000+ km home)
Dhotry was a small village again, and a lovely place as can be we did a few images this is red panda country we did not see any though, our bad luck I say , we did have a girl in red once again posing for a few shots
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  1. Your pictures make me long to return to the mountains the lonely mountains and the sky.also the eagerness of the cameramen beautifully depicted.

    1. Thank yu so much, yes you must I say, the mountains are just lovely