Saturday, April 3, 2021

Coming down to the plains

This morning would see me heading for my farm 400 km away to AMINPUR Woke up at 0500 hours it was still dark, n there was no power, so instead of fidgeting in the dark slept another 30 minutes and finally by 0540 as the sky turned fair, was up an got ready head out I was out of the door by 0615. Early part of the morning would be cool, n then as I reached the plains I presumed it will be 10 am, n heat would hit me, as I was going to be clad in heavy clothing, oh well, I had a few extra bungee cords so I could shed and still do ok. The ride was comfortable and I trailed a police vehicle, thus making good time in the hills, I realized looking at the roads
It had been raining quiet heavily and had I started even 20 minutes earlier, I could have been hit by rain, well serendipity and riders luck was on my side mostly, and I had a smooth journey, I was soon approaching Islampur, which seemed to be a hub for Potato farming, 1000 of trucks were lined up as they picked up Potato for cold storage,
A few more hours of riding and I was treated to the lovely site of my Farm it was 1730 hours as I hit my farm and it is wheat season, the sun was setting over the field as I rode in, to put up my shoes for 5 days and spend time in the heat of the farm, it was 34 degrees centigrade, coming up from the hills which had been a cool 9 at the most over the last week.
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