Friday, September 22, 2023

The evils eye is warded off by this


Many years back I had   a Red car and for some reason I use to suffer a mishap with the car every Saturday, no matter what, bizarre accidents like someone falling on the car if nothing else would happen, well I accepted it as a part of life n would try to not use the car on Saturday’s if I could


It was a Saturday and I was returning from a session of Tennis, as I came to a signal, there were these street urchins who were selling lemon and chili, strung together, not wanting to disappoint the kids I bought a chili lemon contraption for Rs 2.  And strangely the accidents stopped

One has to continue with the practice for 5 or 7 Saturday I was told and yes the accidents stopped. Thankfully.


Anyone else who has had any stories like this?


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