Saturday, December 12, 2009

But they still run to hug the residents :)


My parents  were with me the last 3 weeks, n I had opportunity to observe them from close quarters, after a long time, we were living in a small house for the 1st time, yes its my current house, we were in each others way, n interestingly I felt it was quiet intimate and cozy, the fact that we had a huge terrace helped.  I could not help but notice how my mom always seemed ready to foot the bill for all expenses (I literally had to scold her for trying to do too much in my household expenses, )or else was trying to buy others stuff, and my dad forever willing to give away things that other appreciates around him in the house. Man am I lucky to have parents who can share in such a manner.

It was such a pleasure to have my parents with me, and be enveloped by their presence; I think I will miss it as they leave my house now.  

As I came to drop my folks to there house 2000 miles away, the tree in the garden seems to have that same character as of my parents, it seems to be  trying to reach out and encompass all around. Nice to be HOME



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  1. I missed your blog entry today and then thought you would be busy at HOME.. And now here I am with a smile on my face reading this entry.. Its always g8t to be HOME :)