Thursday, December 17, 2009

litti and big heart

On a whim I mentioned I wanted to have Litti, at a friends  (Daniel and Noopur) place,

They no longer live with his parents, yes I am fond of their parents, and parents being parents went all out to make it happen.  Thank u dear uncle and aunt.  Takes a big heart to do it no doubt and am glad such people exist to make out days better.

Litti is a made by making a paste of ground chana+ lasun+ adrak + dhanya+ ajwine+ nimbu, which is inserted inside a layer of ground wheat, and roasted over slow fire (the fire has to be made by burning cow dung dried in sun.

Most of this is a hassle to get in a city, but then when did such little details stop folks who are set on making a son happy, falter.  Lucky we sure are.

Preparing Litti 

Preparing the fire

Roasting on slow fire

Turning over the litti on the slow fire

Now to brush and dust off the ash, n settle in for a heavy meal.

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