Monday, December 7, 2009

wrong is wrong no matter by who

A letter to the uninitiated, who thinks cause “ if u are rich its OK to cheat, but make billions in the name of ones clean image”

Tiger woods brand is that he is clean, he is the first Billionaire sportsman, is cause he is a clean man, and that makes him an idol for the youth, so when he does something wrong, it becomes news, and people expect him to try to right the wrong.

Some Indian women feel, if you are married to a rich man, then he should be allowed to cheat. You are above the law. Some even go on to print and publish this view in newspapers, as editorial views, how scary is that? and we wonder why some propagate the view women should be in the house behind curtains, doing things that do not require a brain :)

Seems Mrs. woods, used to be a nanny, what’s wrong with that? Interesting that some feel the fact that she has money now, cause she is Mrs. woods, so she should get used to the idea that her husband is sleeping with all and sundry? This view is published in a newspaper, wow editors!

Sorry but India is truly not shining if this is the mind set of educated women of today in India. Takes guts to say, “wrong is wrong” not try to justify it with hollow knowledge.

class / crass , big difference.

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