Saturday, April 19, 2014

THE Making of Lord Shiva

12th April, 2014,     1530 hours

  We head over to Palashy an village 13 Km from where were staying, 25 KM from Burdwan, and here we found the villagers caught up in the hustle of trying to finish there days chore and start to prepare Lord SHIVA, yes u read it right, they were preparing Lord Shiva’s, every house that is interested is appointed by the village priest to decorate a sanyasi or two if they prefer as Lord Shiva,  and it is the imagination of the householder as to how they want to see there Lord.


Base layer applied the sanyasis are made to stand in the sun , and the paint is dried up before further work is done on them.

Different flowers are dipped in colors to make patterns , often a whole family is at work, different members working on a different color to prepare these sanyasis, Yes even ladies are allowed to be a part of these lovely creations a true work of art, indeed.

As the dressing up progresses one feels the characters falling into there role, there is a marked shift in the demeanor of these sanyasis as they start to feel and look like Lord Shiva and mentally fall into a state of Being Lord Shiva.

The whole family has been involved in this dressing up and preparation, which mostly happens in the courtyard, the kids and elders are present to cheer and entertain if not actively participating.

Once all decoration of the live sculpture, the sanyasi is complete a red bud of the Hibiscus Flower is put into their mouth to denote Lord Shiva is ready to be paraded. At road corners sanyasis are gathered along with beating of drums and they will head out to the next road corner where more dressed sanyasis will gather, and they will travel the village

There is no age limit , bottom or top as to who can be a sanyasi , and young boys too become sanyasi to get a feel of what it is like to be Lord Shiva.

All dressed  up and as the sun sets, Lord Shiva look alike sanyasis now travel in a procession to a village called KURMUN where they will congregate at the shiva temple which is also referred to as Gajan Tala.

 There is a fair in full swing at Kurkun, with food + rides + shopping for the locals to enjoy themselves as they come to watch the sanyasis run around. and parade themselves.

As night sets in, The Good Lord is in need of sleep,  it is time for the sanyasis to relax and prepare for the next day where they will play with the human skull's.

The Gajan festival is held over 7 day period, the last day of the festival being the last day of the Month of Chaitra, the day that CHARAK is celebrated, usually on 14th April, according to Bengali – English calendar.
The next day is the start of the Bengali New Year.

The next 3 blog entry will be about Gajan and how it transpired, if interested in buying images, and or story  please contact :
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