Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All sanyasis to the temple

Kurmun Village Shiva temple 0500 hours 

We are headed to Kurmun; the sun is just beginning to come up, the morning haze is beginning to lift,  at a distance couples could be  seen on  there bikes

we see young men and women running to the shiva temple after a dip in the village pond, they will be praying at the temple and be a part of a Pooja before they break there fast.

We spy the palanquin with Lord Shiva in it, traveling along the distance from the pond to the temple, along with the bhakts.

 The ladies and lads who are sanyasis and in the procession headed to the Shiva temple do 101 " Dandi " SUrya namaskar a they head to the Temple. While it is a easier journey compared to the one they do in Palashy village the reverence towards Lord Shiva is the same, if not more.

The drummers take a break and the Sanyasis start to assemble for the final Pooja to Lord shiva.

Rice on a Peepal leaf and water is required the for Pooja, the cane the sanyasis carry all through the 7 days they have been a sanyasi as Lord Shiva always had a staff in his hand  

Chanting and prayer done the idol of Shiva is touched on the head of every sanyasi, n they are free to break there fast and start there daily life as they were leading earlier. The crowed too has broken up now and now the last day of the Ganja, which is called Charak, is to follow.

                            TOMORROW IS CHARAK,
                          LAST DAY OF GAJAN 

The Gajan festival is held over 7 day period, the last day of the festival being the last day of the Month of Chaitra, the day that CHARAK is celebrated, usually on 14th April, according to Bengali – English calendar.
The next day is the start of the Bengali New Year.

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