Saturday, April 19, 2014

2 days to charak , Shiv Gajan-

12th Morning, we are up at 4 am, the day break happens at 5 am, n we want to be at the location by 445 am, we troop into the vehicle and are off to Kurmun, the village where we plan to start making images of the Gajan festival.  

During the next two days,
Lord Shiva is the presiding deity, effort is on to appease him, and form a bond with him.
By the time we reached the location the event for the day was already over , we  could not shoot the rituals as it had happened at 0400 hours, was too early for us to capture it for lack of light.
as we headed back we decided to explore the village we were living in.
We stopped at Rice fields,  Burdwan is also part of the rice bowl of West Bengal.

Some the houses we found  along the way had interesting little sculptures on the roof, giving us an glimpse, of the artistry that existed.

And we knew we were in West Bengal as every pond had a fisherman hard at work pulling in the favorite food of Bengalis - Fishes .


 Most of the houses had their political preferences painted brightly on the fa├žade of the houses making it a bright village.

Morning shoot done we headed back to our village home stay base with little children for company whom we obliged with pictures and stories.

Cowdung is used as fuel, another reason why Indians revere Cow's   even the refuse of the cow is useful.

The Gajan festival is held over 7 day period, the last day of the festival being the last day of the Month of Chaitra, the day that CHARAK is celebrated, usually on 14th April, according to Bengali – English calendar.
The next day is the start of the Bengali New Year.

Or call 91 75491 79539/ 91 9967852541
The next 4 blog entry will be about Gajan and how it transpired, if interested in buying images, and or story  please contact :

Or call 91 75491 79539/  91 9967852541

DAY 2, evening

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