Friday, February 3, 2017

Jan25th starting for Rider Mania 2017 at Kundapur

25th morning 230 am, am out of bed, no point trying to sleep, where there is no sleep, n more excitement for 2017 Rider Mania, a group of us will be going to KUNDAPURA, 114 Km before Mangalore, and 900 odd km from Mumbai to party and hang out for 2 day is the plan. RM is an event RE riders from all over the country come to meet friends, other fellow riders, network, drink and listen to music.

So was up and showered and ready to go on a 4 day ride, Messages on whattsapp group fly around as people are up and getting ready, n trying to make sure we were all ready to go on time

I head out at 357 am, saddled up n off to JVLR to meet 2 riders and then to Panvel where we plan to start our ride from, meeting time was 0500 hours,

En route as I start out n switch on the LED lights that I had gotten fixed the previous day, n was too lazy to test out, well the moment I switched it on, the bike stalled, tried it twice n realized it was not to be, I had goofed up


The Odometer read: 03824 time: 0357hrs
As I headed to JVPD, our first rendezvous point, I hit the highway, n as I took a right to head to JVLR, there was a object that landed on my left foot, it was a soft feel, looking down I say a large dog had gotten excited and was trying to eat my boot, I never do know why Dogs like to chase cars and wheels, what do they think I am curious, anyone knows what that is all about?

3 of us, Punit, Mihir and Me, we met at JVLR and headed to Panvel where we were meeting the other riders starting out on that day, I realized I had travelled a extra 20 Km for no reason, was on a bike ride, still,,, OH well, we took a longer route to Panvel along the famed Palm beach road, n I ran out of Gas, well the bike switched to reserve, I just hoped I would make it to Panvel, I have a paranoia, of running out of gas always, and mostly fill my tank when I think I should run out of gas, and not as it hits reserve.
Thankfully yes we did reach Panvel and tanked up, 12 lit of fuel ready to start out,
We met up at Panvel: Dutta vadapao place n headed out at approx. 0600 hours, approx. 12 of us,

The Sun just about peeping

Next stop we planned was at Lonavala, where 2 of the riders managed to get lost for a while, landing up on the expressway and getting challenged for riding on the expressway, Shyamal and me the slowest of the pack were the tails, or sweepers as we reached Lonavala, and then started again, the idea was to beat the Traffic in Pune and do a Breakfast stop, another 50 Km ahead of Pune,

Htl Anand for Bfast : pict Punit Tripathy.
OD: 4125 km
Time: 0930
We stopped for breakfast, all of the 12 were there, without getting lost any further and some more thumpers joined us from Pune.
The empty roads beckoned us; helps when the roads are smooth and not much potholed like Mumbai roads that we are used to.

OD: 4256
Time:1300 hrs. At Karad and lunch followed, a good hearty meal of Mutton thali, Kolapuri style food and it sure made us sleepy to ride, not that we did not try, but all were too sleepy, so we pulled over and took a nap on the bike itself .
 Some more time off n finally we started at: 1530 hours, following the nap.

After being entertained by some wonderful goat herders and their goats and bikers riding on wrong side of the road, 

the day was fairly uneventful
Made a fuel stop as we exited the ghats at Nippani,
OD 4356     we had another 60 km to go for the day, before darkness set in sunset time is when we stopped at 1821 hrs. At Belgaum.

A good meal of Appam, mutton and chicken ( keels style)   for the night and stay at RK hotel as we entered Belgaum city cost us Rs 1500/ head and was a good peaceful stay and chit chat session later , we retired early for the night, we planned to be out of the hotel as the daylight broke, so saddle up time at 0645 and on the road by 0700 hrs. hopefully.

It had been a good first days ride, we had covered:
480 km on day one, that left us approx. another 300 the next day, some of the other riders had continued onwards for another 100 km on 25th itself, around 2340 hours they had all reached for there night halt, good for them!  the night riders had made another 100 Km this day, something we had to cover the next day, they could start 2 hours later then us the next day.