Friday, February 24, 2017

Tawang Calling, I reach Tenga

One fine day as I took a break from a ride, with my riding buddy Shyamal in deep slumber on his bike, I got a call from Ritu asking if I would be interested in a trip to Arunachal, she was going to be in shilling right next door to Arunachal Pradesh, NE unexplored part of India and if I was into meeting some good pals of hers, she would be happy to have me along, well what can I say but YES, and some rescheduling of life and schedules later  ---

Rajat By Gautam Geikward

5 am of 11th FEB, yup am getting ready for my flight to Guwahati, flight at 0930 hours, why am I up so early you ask, well it is just mechanism, meditation, yoga to be done and then food and all such, am a extra careful traveller want to be at the airport by 0730, my security check is always a extensive affair,  
Checked in boarding card in hand am at security check, laptop out or cover, cameras out and being checked, my boots back in checking tray and then all equipment out of bag, and bag again back in security check,
A good 20 minutes of back and forth and finally am all cleared for the flight,

Well in time for my flight and finally off to Guwahati
Arrived a few hours later

And a cab to changsari   for my stay night, a lovely room, with a ante room for dinner and a proper table setting

Din dinner  time

A few calls to a few friends and the day was over a whole day over and I had achieved nothing, wow, am not one who takes vacation, (I am always living a vacation) and 7 (seven) more days to go.

Having time on my hand I started to finally look at where I was headed for and what all I could come across, and there I was trying to make a literary a day before   My idea was obviously shot down by my fellow travellers as they had made arrangements for stay and all that essential details, that I had not partaken in, After sulking the night and realizing worse that could happen is I could have a tough 7 days of meditation time as I sulked with a smile on my face, went to bed ready to take on the next day :

12th feb

This day day early morning rendezvous point was 3 road crossing at Jorabay   there I was on my way at 0700 hours as there was a possibility of a traffic jam in Guwahati,

Brahmaputra river at dawn

 "Nothing beats a good sunrise I say"

As I made the image I was informed by my cab driver this bridge is the reason there are no traffic jams these days this bridge has been commissioned in mid Jan 2017, this bridge use to be a single bridge but with it becoming a separate bridge for up and down traffic, life’s been good for folks on the road.

Ritu and Jaya from shillong was to join up.
As was Brig Amit Katpalia and Mrs Deepti Katpalia.
Aptly named Queens Dhabi is where we were to meet up and after a fuel stop we were on our way

Riitu Chug

0845 hrs. Odometer 31636 we were headed to Tawang The first night was to end at Tenga a approx. 8 hours drive if all went as planned being army area should be a smooth drive with Bro being a excellent road making division of the armed forces.

The first part of the journey was quiet sober and was just straight roads, with nothing much to see or do except to get to know the other we were in 2 cars, and first stop for some food was at: 
Samaguri, time - 1045 hours, km : 31748

Yes we are reaching the quant land as we see welcome scarfs at the pit stop.

Welcome to the hills 

We did stop at Tezpur, it was too much of a city for us,  we were excited to see a KFC but no, it was KF and we pushed out salivating tongue back in and

KFC fake alert

And we drove on for a few more, and stopped at: pinjoli bridge
At 1425 hours, roads all good, and relatively straight till now, just starting of curved road.
We stopped as we saw the captivating site of the green water in the valley, one of the many such stops.

The first one in the hills

We were doing good speed and we should be in tenga by 1800 hours, our night halt would be at Tenga.

 I know I know am getting addicted to the selfie scene, shame on me.

The traveling 5

The pit stops were always a pleasure and hospitality was amazing we are at Sessa and Ritu is getting excited as she has realized there is a chug bridge further ahead that is named after her uncle, she would be meeting history of her family.

Sessa for lunch , or was it teatime.

Om Mani PE DMEi OM

1753 hours and 31934 km we are at Tenga

Night stop at Tawang Blue room


  1. Rajat, you have just killed me...with your narration, your pictures, your visits to controversial and beautiful lands...never more am I going to ask you to come to Boisar. Instead, take me along on a trip like this....