Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tawang Monastery, here is Me

The Mountains welcome the morning

Early morning it is the hills are calling or are they mountains.

Ok Tawang here we are, and time to see the Monastery, supposedly the biggest monastery of India, and the second largest in the world, the name of the monastery translated to: “Celestial paradise in a clear night” founded in 1681 by Merek Lama Lodre Gyatso, yes is a tough name to remember.

The location of the Monastery some say was decided by his Horse, which went missing while he was meditating for a location for a monastery location, as he looked for his horse he found it grazing on a mountain top, and took it as a sign for location of the Monastery,

The Monastery is three story high a good 1000 feet, unlike the flats we live in thats barely 10 feet ceiling height.

The main temple of the Monastery is called Dukang (assembly Building) where 65 monks take their lessons every morning at 5 am onwards for 90minutes

The Buddha is 18 feet high and more then one story high.

Entrance to main prayer hall

Serving, studying and eating in the monastery jr cold mornings with friends build memories like no other and that seem to be in plenty out at this monastery for the little lamas
Medetation Buddha

Waiting for food

Prayer Wheel

Soon it is time for us to head down from the monastery, leaving the paintings of the different Buddhas behind us.

Medicine Buddha

And indulge in the daily chores of life, leaving the little monks to there lot, there daily prayers and explorations.

Good bye Tawang Monastery 

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