Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bumla, India - China Border

Ice at Bumla
Bumla- situated at  16000  feet, Bumla is a trip where one needs 4 wheel drive, roads are few and far BeTWEEN AND takes 3 – 4 HOURS for  THE 40 KM RIDE.

It is where India and chinas border meet and is believed to be the path that was used by the Dalai Lama to move to India. 

On way to Bumla

The path to Bumla crosses many a frozen lake, it is so lovely a sight, initially one is left wonder stuck, and soon takes it for granted, it makes one look and look and breath deep and continue on.

AT Bumla, 16000 feet

A peak at Bumla region

The original trade route in China.

The lake
Shogansta lake located at 7 km from Bumla pass, takes almost 120 minutes that’s to the roads gives one enough time to admire the surroundings as one travels to the lake.

The lake was formed in 1971 , an aftereffect of a earthquake

The lake surrounded by mountains

they say before the earthquake it was a grassland

Yak on Grassland

Soon it was time to return the 37 km back to Tawang, as the sun sank behind the mountains, another day goes by.

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