Saturday, April 28, 2018

Of Health and art

Art by Joyeeta Bose

It is 0600 hours and I had read about an artist, Joyeeta Bose, painting a wall near my house (ok a few KM away) so my morning walk was to find the wall, and see the artwork for myself and being a café maybe I will get a cup of coffee too.

The previous night had seen a small storm and navigating around a few broken walls and trees, of saltlake I hoof it along, and 3000 steps later ( yes I own a pedometer in my Phone)    not having discovered the art and not willing to ask for direction (I am a Man you see)  I take a selfie to prove I was there, ( I know I know its vain and childish  ) 

At City Centre

 I take a circular route to return back, when I see the café,
 Lovely to see it in person

Being India 0630 is too early for the café to be open, Cal-64 it is called) but spending some time taking in the art, and a selfie later I am happy to walk off to a local tea store, that I have been visiting in this locality for over 10 years and a smile is all that’s exchanged with the lady who runs the store (more a shack) before I head home.

So today I became a troll( maybe) , just had to, seems Ms. Funnybones (Twinkle Khanna) who seemed a descent human being, intelligent and all that,  is auctioning off a uniform of the navy, for charity, really you are auctioning off something that has to be earned by capability, and does not belong to you,  who you think will buy a uniform for Rs 5 million?   Maybe she has pressing needs that I know not about, How about you wear the uniform once MS Funnyboones and walk the streets, look at the honor and salute you get from every indian as you walk the streets, it is the uniform they notice not you, then see if you still want to sell your nations honor !   I hear her husband adores her as he should, maybe he can explain things with love to her, why she should not do this.

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