Monday, April 23, 2018

Where are those days of Innocence in our educated life?

There is this girl who is a help to my mother, from a village nearby

When I thank her for making me a cup of coffee she laughs and says why do you keep saying thank you, frustrated at my propriety and words of appreciation that she feels is no not needed (remember the film – meine Pyar Kiya? No thank you, no Sorry?  I line often echoed by my riding mates )

Complement her on a dish well made in the meal her reply
She:  I know it is well made
ME: how do you know?  (I hear arrogance)
She: You always tell me, what I cook is good

Wonder who is better off? Me with my education and good manners or she with her practicality.

Here is a portrait of hers as she goes along her routine, am as candid as I can be, BUT when I share this image with her, she replies: you are a photographer you will take my picture, well aware I had Photographed her candidly.

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