Sunday, April 22, 2018

On Friendship and things related to the heart

Rajat, Ajay,  jasmeet, Sarabjeet 
Bikers taking a break

As I sit on nh33, at Giridhari dhaba, after having dug into Poori (flour tortious) and Daal (lentil and a jalebi (sweetmeat) my hunger quenched and a large glass of Tea in hand, 

Amazing food 

I look over to my biker brothers from this ride, 12 – 14 of us, we have knows each other for 2 - 4  years, 

I remember meeting up at bikers house at 1145one night,  as one of the riders mom needed oxygen and he had asked for help, there were a good 12- 18 riders at his house with 3 cylinders of Oxygen making sure there was no calamity, cause they cared about there friend, Nothing to gain, but everything to give.

Since then I have bought electrical appliances from fridge/ AC, Bike all with help of these guys, My mother lives alone in Jamshedpur and because of my friends in this town ( who I refer to as my Human capital ) I can roam the world knowing all is well back home always
One final shot as we prepare to depart for Home

Thank you guys for being you. and Thank you Jamshedpur for bringing us together, 


  1. Yes Rajat, caring friends are a wealth you cannot easily gain, nor lose....but they are the finest wealth....