Monday, March 11, 2019

Dr C B Ghosh

I lost my dada in 2012, and an Facebook post from an School teacher ( mine) got me thinking about my dad, as did a chat with Dina

My Dad  Dr C B Ghosh , Jamshedpur, lived to be 83, was married for 51 years and practiced as a doctor in Jamshedpur for 52 years of his 56 years career

He n his smile – he had a wining smile a big smile for his patients
Was a people’s person, and would be able to get communicating with people of all ages in no time, was life of a party
Never saw him drink, but was a merry person except when he was dealing with me, where he was a serious person, I was a never a great student and he hid his disappointment well,

His zeal for life, - we would go one vacation once a year, and days he finished his chamber early, i.e. if patients were less we would go for a picnic me sis, mom n he, n would be to places along the highway where we would take cooked food, n pull over n put on a tarp on the ground and we would have food
Play badminton,
Or catch with a ball, n go for walks while he took siestas after lunch,

When we visited any place with others he mostly footed all expenses including those of others, and was always one to travel, and not sit at home, or in the hotel, but would want to go explore the place we were at, he liked to dress up in a suit in winter, n being a well built and tall person was often mistaken for a army personal, a senior officer and would be accorded similar respect in public, interestingly I too face the same, and may people think I am in the army (yes I do wear army fatigues trouser all the time, and am tall and mostly well built, except I have a belly that announces my arrival sooner then I would like it to;

His enthusiasm for life and dedication to his profession, being a doctor he was a very dedicated to his profession, never said no to a home visit and till his death he was charging Rs 50. Patient, usd $.75 cents, and if one could not afford the fees it was waived off, no matter what rain or shine,
He was at his camber from 0900 – 1230 hours and 1500 – 2100 hours 340 out of 635 days in a year for most part of his life, was revered for his skill as a doctor who could detect illness that other doctors often failed to, and was not one to suggest tests unless needed, he claimed as a patient walked into his chamber 99% of the time he knew what was wrong with the patient, but he still proceeded to do a full body check up before he passed his diagnosis.
He was famous for giving medicine, one – 2 shots of which usually saw a person getting cured.

He was a life at a party and loved to eat and feed people, we sue to have friends of his or family over all the time and he loved to feed them well, we were used to a 2 – 3 non veg dish in meals almost most days and sweets he loved, his grocery shopping was always huge and never compromised on getting the best food, best cut of meat, choicest of sweet sand always in huge numbers,
Whenever he bought sweets, there would be 20 – 40 of those for 4 of us, and as soon as it was over he would again get sweets again, an big meal (at a party was always followed by a fast, which was his secret to staying healthy all his life,

He ended his days in 2013  the last 20 days before his death he was catering to patients from 0900 hours till 1600 hours and 1700 hours to 2200 hours, NON stop, without break for water or coffee, or food or bathroom break.    Chicken Gunia was the epidemic that he was dealing with, , at the age of 83 he was working 7 hours straight without break  as patients were so many and he felt he had to help as many as he could , even if it effected his health.

Love you dad and thank you for giving us such an amazing life, providing for all to the best of your ability which we are grateful for,

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