Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Male infanticide

The bacha in pain

Helping hand of a fellow biker

Have you ever wondered what happens to bachees, and bachas after they are born?
For the uneducated
Bachees are girl baby cows and bachas are male baby cows

With modernization on and tractors being used to till the land we barely use male cows to till the land anymore so what happens to the boys that are born now, they are no longer investments and if you live in India and know the mentality of the cow-owners you can be sure that they are kicking and turned out the male cows as soon as they are born, they are left to die on there own or killed and dumped on the roadside, by the folks you buy milk from,
So what can we do to protect these male baby cows, how can we get them a life that good for them? What are the schemes that exist so one can save these little boys?

Morning of 12th Mar 2019, we found a little bacha on the streets of Jamshedpur and it was badly injured, many stood around and watched it suffer and bleat, before a few kind biker brothers, Sukhbir, Ravi,  Tushar Arora  the good samaratians that they are took a few hours off there day to look out of rthe bacha,  fed the bacha and sponged the little one and managed to take it to the health center that exist in parsudih, in Jamshedpur, the doctor there and the folks manning the center and in charge of the health center was not interested in the bacha well being and giving it 2 shots of injection, was insistent the those  who carried the bacha there take it back with them and leave it on the road or do what they will they did not want to be a part of the life of the bacha, it took a lot of persuasion to have them keep the bacha , with calls to the media and to the TV stations, Yes we did offer to pay for the wellbeing of the bacha, but the organization people were not interested in the money ( I am guessing they get paid from some sources) and the money is used for who knows what ,,,

Guess we will have to visit the bacha every now and then to make sure he is well taken care of.

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