Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Help on the train - RAILMADAD

Another year starts ( 2020)  and am happy to report many a system has working fine,

I was on the train on 7th, and at 0630 am as I board the train from Howrah, I am on a 3tyre coach and the middle berth occupant is insistent that he will sleep and he cares not if the railway rules say daytime is sitting, he is going to be nasty and refuses to budge from his berth requesting him a few times, I realize it will be of no avail, and thus I called “ the –railmadad” , it is a online redressed system in case of any trouble it made me register on the site, and it took up a few minutes but finally I was able to lodge my complain.

It was 20 minutes before the railway police called enquiring on the status of the problem, n offered to send there railway force to my help.

In the meantime the Ticked collector had been informed and he had come and got the middle berth occupant to get off and take his seat as he should have in the first place.

Happy to see the Railway police can be reached and they are indeed proactive and helping travellers.  

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