Sunday, August 21, 2022

Flood and Wrath of the kharkai river










Another hour later went with another bike and parked at another elevated spot and then the other bike too (I knew my friend was laughing at my extra cautious ways)  Interestingly since I am used to parking in the garage, I re-parked my bikes at a well illuminated place with CCD camera view


Being the cautious kind I did go and park my car at an elevated spot too


While there was river water all around us, and had submerged all the 6 buildings, it seemed to not  enter our building garage, by 2145 hours  our building seemingly was not under water  and I decided to call it a day as we lost power with the submergence of the transformers. And wanted to conserve battery of phone  and laptop for the next day.


Next  morning 0400 hour, I wake up to alarm calls from people and as I make my way to the front of the building , Oh OH,  there is 3 -4 feet water in our staircase and my friend MuKta was scheduled for an early morning train ( 0610) to Kolkata for judging of a photography salon


Well there was no way we were going to make our way out of here (she isn’t the tallest) but then by 0500 I decided we should give it one last try, she grabbed her bag lightened her bag as much as she could  and we were off wading though 4 feet water (waist deep) too bad no photo exists,

 As we was wading through water, her bag held high by me n she holding on to me (I think) as I felt my way out with a stick in hand, I did knock my foot a few times barring that  we did make it out of the building and ran to get into my car which was parked 500 mts away, jumped in the car, not enough time to change into dry clothes as we headed off  time was 0545 by now.

 Enroute to the station we did have to change routes three times  as some other parts of the city was also water logged and we realized this was quiet a calamity in  the city, we made it to the station with 3 minutes to spare and MuKta was off sprinting for her  train,

It was only 0607 hours , the whole day stretched in front of us


  Once back home it was about trying to get some supplies, as I was already on the dry part of the building and I realized there were no money with me as I had forgotten to take my wallet along with, the advantage of a small city kicked in as I drove around looking for open shops 


A few trees had crashed and taken some shops along with, this is my bread store.


Thankfully some friends Inderjit Singh and Riki came through and helped me out getting supplies and water.

  as did a local Tea vendor which I patronize

By 0900 hours water level was still not too low 


Its 1058 hours as I stand there looking at the water level , not much supplies can reach these people


As the day progressed the river has abated and water level has receded



Glad to say the river seems to have gone down by a couple of feet and I have been able to help some folks along the way too, as the water has receded and now to wait for electricity to be restored and life to return to normal as can be.



Quiet a bit of silt is left behind and needs to be worked on, we are doing OK and if anyone needs any help in Jamshedpur feel free to contact me  91 9831321541



Well a hard shower did do the trick for the open space but still more needs to be done to get power and water supply restored. as I write this on 22nd morning , none of the buildings have power or water yet, yes its Tisco power and water supply, but tanks have to be cleaned and electrical system blow dried before life returns to normal.







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