Sunday, August 21, 2022

Jumping from the frying pan in to the fire, Flood and rains


 20th Night,  started the day seeing mayhem all around wind approx. 80 km an hour and loads of fallen tree, and water logging.




 well keeping our cool we enjoyed some tea and a lazy breakfast before we decided to start back for home post breakfast, 



I have heard from my friend Vijay Singh to never keep my car under a tree and that lesson helped me not worry though the night as to what might happen to my car as the winds caused havoc


 we were no the only ones who was out enjoying the rains, we had company Pond Heron, lizard and other garden creatures for company.



we started back for Jamshedpur at 1200 hours, presuming if there was any roadblock by fallen trees they would have been taken care of.

We were successful for most part till we came across a location where a Neem Tree had taken an electric pole along with, and there were wires across the road.





well we knew just admiring the skills of the local’s alone was not going to do it for us so

  Backing up and checking out the locations around us we found a path that looked like it was headed to a football filed and slushy but manageable, after all I do drive a MUV.


This was going to be our exit point, and below is our entry point to the slushy country side

If this biker can so could I, right !



Yes it was exciting and no we did not hit anyone till we managed to get on the paved road again but sure was a challenge to drive out of the field.


 We reached home, a- OK 


 and had lunch, a nap and then the drama started, walking to the terrace what do I see, the River Kharkai by my house in spate.  time approx 1600 hours 

What followed was quiet a interesting 24 hours ,


Well then by 1800 hours there was a trickle of water entering our society premises and it was slowly gaining momentum at  steady speed





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