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Road trip : Tatanagar - to Chattisgarh, 2800 km trip, part Six : TamdaGhumer and Chitrakoot

Day 6, TamdaGhumer waterfalls, 16th OCT 2022

This day started with heavy fog, yes winter is approaching also we were possibly a little high in elevation, we had to delay our start to the local waterfall by 30 minutes because of low visibility and finally at 0645 hours we were headed to TamdaGhumer waterfalls, located 25 minutes away,


As we approached the waterfalls, we were approaching the waterfalls water flowing quietly by us,  we were on top of the waterfall  but we were just mesmerized by this place



 Water flows silently before taking a 100 feet fall, we worked our way around the waterfalls to find our way to a view that was truly spectacular lovely and deep very scerene and East facing , it was already a little too bright as we approached the waterfall but did manage a few amazing shots of the waterfall, 


Some local village boys came and offered to take us down to the waterfall, but it was getting uncomfortably hot  by 0820 hours and we declined there offer, wanting to come the following day to Trek down to the waterfall if at all.



The road leading up to the waterfall is a Red mud road, rich in Laterite and had it not been for Google map, it might have been hard to locate, we only saw one signage showing way to the waterfall a km away from the waterfall and 2 km into the Red mud road, 


We started back by 0910 hrs and on the road back we came across the elusive  Narayanpal temple, the one we had missed on day 4 we had seeked the temple for a good 3 hours, well all is well that ends well, and I put it down to Lord Narayan( krishan/Vishnu) was playing hide and seek with us, we spend considerable time at the temple taking in the architecture and interacting with a few kids who had come to visit the temple as a school trip,


there are Two inscriptions preserved in this temple, the 1st one is dated in saka samvat 1033 ( 1110ce) which belongs to Gumdummahadev mother of  Someshwar.




The temple has a deity of Lord Vishnu and for some reason he was under lock and key, guessing no one wants him going away nowhere, we seem to have a obsession of locking up things, property, now even Gods, 




This temple is best example of architecture of 11th century.  Finally we went back out our resort and made a few images of STF resort ,


The folks were very chilled out here, and even as we checked out we were moving to Damdami  Luxary Resort which is 5 km away for the next 2 days, they let us leave without settling our bill, saying it was ok, and they would get the money collected in the evening as the manager was not around, ( some might say it is unprofessional , or some like me would say it is acquiring good karma ) 


Anyway we moved out of the resort at 1300 hours , stopping at Muskan Dhaba for lunch and then heading to Dumdumi resort which is located right next to Chitrakoot falls, check in time is 1400 hours, we reached there at 1430 hours and checked in , it is a huge property and once checked in , we found here too there was no electricity , maintenance work was on , it was too hot to explore outside , so we sat in the balcony and waited for sun to go down a bit before we ventured out to the huge waterfall that was partially visible from the resort too.




1630 hours we were headed to do some photography at Chitrakoot waterfalls, it was a spectacular sight and we needed some time to absorb the wonder of nature at Chitrakoot.  Not too crowded we headed down approx. 90 steps to the base of the waterfall. We followed it by going off to Muskan Dhaba to play with Muskan a small child who is much interested in studies these days and her mom is a amazing cook.

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