Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Road trip : Tatanagar - to Chattisgarh, 2800 km trip, part Seven : MendriGhumer and Chitrakoot


Day7, 17th October, MendriGhumer waterfall


This day started with even more fog then the previous day, but then it was only 0500 hours, and by 0630 hours we were on our way, ( crazy photographers did you say? ) we drove slowly and waited near the waterfalls which was 40 minutes

 from Chitrakoot and  10 km away from TandaGhumer, link:



this waterfall too falls from a height of approx. 70 meters  and the best view is from the opposite side of the waterfall but from quiet a distance, this waterfall is almost 200 + feet tall and the water cascades down making beautiful shape as it falls on the rock below, this is a seasonal waterfall and is also called “ Mist of the valley “ it has a divine feel to it.

we spend quiet a few minutes  absorbing the beauty of the waterfall, it was soon getting uncomfortably hot and we decided to go find Breakfast



which we did in Chitrakoot,  chole bature was on the offering,  we ate well and went off to the resort to catch up with some more sleep, 



lunch was at the resort chicken and rice and evening saw us head out at 1600 hours  to Mendri Ghumer, it looked same  and was not appealing at all, we stood by Mendri Ghumer but the magic was missing ,(just felt so )




we drove a few more km’s around the place but felt the magic missing and we decided to head back to the resort this evening,  we were at Chitrakoot and we did shoot some pictures of Chitrakoot waterfalls , no complains there, 




as we hung out we were also graced with a Rainbow to make our pictures more sweet and special




The pictures during sunset just made our day 



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