Saturday, November 5, 2022

Road trip : Tatanagar - to Chattisgarh, 2800 km trip, part Nine : Puri, will be our base for 3 days .


We woke up and were dilly-dallying when I looked out of the window and the Sun was on its path up,


Well we grabbed out camera and raced down, it would be hardly a minute or so before the sun was too bright, n there was a fishing boat too on the horizon, we weren’t going to miss this wonderful experience.



We shot a few pictures and then re hydrated our self with Coconut water



bought a few toys as gifts from the beach.



We managed to get some breakfast too right on the Gopalpur beach, things were going good




We drove back keeping within the safety limit of 60 – 80 kmph, well we did make it back by afternoon and enroute we once again rehydrated and stocked up on coconut.




This would be our routine for the next few days, to drink fresh coconut water everyday.



We had started back by 0830 hours this was going to be a 5 hour drive again according to Google and once in Puri we were going to stay at a my co-traveller’s house, which was closed so we anticipated having to clean the house some.  



But before that a plate of Biryani was calling and yes

We had picked up fresh vegetable along the way, organic or village fresh, little overpriced but felt good to shop here.

And yes finally here is a plate of delicious fare for tomorrow, Pomfret fresh from the sea.



Today we had driven a good 197 km to Puri and we will be staying here for the next 3 days, we have completed 2360km approx., by now.









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